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Recreational Flying

Be apart of the twenty first century’s fastest growing aviation phenomenon and get a pilot licence in just twenty hours

At least 20 hours of instruction is required for a restricted pilot’s licence. You’ll fly with a Recreational Aviation Australia qualified instructor.

Gift vouchers for a one hour trial introductory flight are available for purchase from our office – please call 02 9042 2020. Please note as flying is a weather dependent activity from time to time bookings may need to be rescheduled. There are no refunds on gift vouchers but a voucher may be transferred to someone else.

Theoretical Requirements

You will be required to undergo a theory exam which will evaluate your understanding of flight rules, basic aeronautical knowledge and radio operations.

In-house theory courses can be provided upon request.

Additional Requirements

You will need to join the RAA in order to obtain a Student Pilot Licence.

You must be aged 15 years or older, and meet the standard of medical fitness required for a driver’s licence.