About us

Goulburn Flight Training Academy is a CASA approved Part 141 Training School to provide flight training from ab-initio to advance your aviation career to great heights.  Our staff are very experienced pilots and instructors who will help you to meet your goals.  Here at Goulburn Flight Training Academy we’re taking a whole new approach by exhausting higher standards of safety and advanced training to ensure our pilots are the finest of the industry.

Goulburn Flight Training Academy strives to provide top of the range services to all our clients by infusing our core values into all aspects of the organization, from every decision to every action.

Goulburn Flight Training Academy’s core values are:

  • Safety: When it comes to the safety of operations and personnel, there is simply no compromise.
  • Quality: We know you expect the best so we provide nothing less.
  • Enjoyment: In providing professional and high quality services, we maintain our vibrant and caring temperament to ensure your time with us is enjoyable in every way.

Goulburn Flight Training Academy offers an extensive range of services including:

  • Flight Training
  • Theory Courses
  • Joy Flights
  • Trial Introductory Flights
  • Accommodation
Upon enrolment, all students receive a consultation with an instructor to tailor a pathway to their flying goals.

We also afford all our students the opportunity to grow professionally within our organisation. Upon obtaining the appropriate qualifications, students are encouraged to apply for positions such as a Flight Instructor, ground instructor, administration, etc.

At Goulburn Flight Training Academy we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of the industry, in particular, the needs of aspiring pilots.

Our passionate, enthusiastic, vibrant and highly committed staff have extensive experience not only in flight training but airlines, charter and other commercial operations.

The wealth of knowledge they bring to the organisation enables them to go above and beyond, to ensure every student reaches the goals they set out to achieve.

So whether you’re looking at flying for a career or for recreation, we welcome you to Goulburn Flight Training Academy – the organisation leading Australia into the next generation of flight training.