Instrument Rating

The Command Instrument Rating (CIR) is one of the most demanding and rewarding qualification you will obtain.
The CIR course will equip you with the skills you require to depart, navigate enroute and arrive in meteorological conditions which require sole reference to flight instruments and navigation aids.

Aeronautical Requirements

Aeronautical requirements for the issue of a Command Instrument Rating are detailed in Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 61.M.1.  The requirements are as follows:

  • 40 hours instrument time total
  • 20 hours cross-country instrument time
  • 10 hours night flight total
  • 5 hours of night flight as pilot in command
  • 50 hours cross-country flight time as pilot in command

Theoretical Requirements

There is a single exam – Instrument Rating Exam (IREX).

Your instructor will provide you with preflight briefings which will cover many aspects relating to the rating.

It is also recommended that you self study using an approved “Instrument Flying” text book, or enroll in our IREX theory Course.